PATA Research

PATA and WHO situational analysis of adolescent HIV treatment and care in sub-Saharan Africa

To better address adolescents in the 2015 Consolidated ARV Guidelines update, the WHO Departments of HIV/AIDS and Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health convened a consultation to review existing adolescent treatment data. As background to the meeting, WHO and PATA undertook a review of the availability of specialised and appropriate HIV treatment and care services for adolescents in sub-Saharan Africa. This review was also prensented on the IATT Webinar: What’s New in Treatment and Care for Adolescents in February 2016. To read this review, please click here.


Challenges and facility- level solutions identified by frontline healthcare workers to scale up high quality paediatric HIV treatment and care

HIV practitioner understanding and implementation of paediatric palliative care in Southern Africa and Nigeria: Observations from the frontline


Transitioning HIV-infected children and adolescents into adult HIV programmes: Barriers and recommendations from frontline HIV healthcare workers in sub-Saharan Africa




Impact of employing people living with HIV as community health workers on paediatric and adolescent HIV services in sub-Saharan Africa: Expert Patient Programme 2007-2013