Peers 2 Zero (P2Z) Coalition

PATA and the African Youth Positives Network (AY+) launched the Peers 2 Zero (P2Z) Coalition in the beginning of 2016 to improve access to effective treatment and care for adolescents living with HIV (ALHIV; ages 10-19) and young people living with HIV (YPLHIV; ages 18-24).

The collaboration is a unique platform that brings together frontline healthcare workers and HIV+ youth in Cameroon, DRC, Ethiopia, Malawi, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. YPLHIV are at the forefront of the program, as they shall take the lead in designing adolescent-friendly HIV service (AFHS) models in 36 health facilities across P2Z’s 7 target countries. Highlighting their perspective is a critical part of the P2Z initiative, as ALHIV and YPLHIV tend not to be consulted on the development of policies and programs that significantly affect their treatment and care.

The consortium of the two sub-Saharan regional networks is funded by the Robert Carr Civil Society Networks. Its key programmatic objectives are:

1. To strengthen the capacity and reach of the consortium’s regional networks

2. To enhance HIV service delivery for YPLHIV, by involving them in the development, implementation and evaluation of health services

3. To put an end to stigma and discrimination in treatment and care by sensitising healthcare workers

4.  To build the leadership and advocacy capacity of YPLHIV 

Please contact Heleen Soeters for further information on the programme: