Retention in the Cascade of Care-Africa (RiCC-A) Programme

In 2014, in collaboration with the M.A.C AIDS Fund, PATA supported 13 health facilities in South Africa, Zambia, Botswana and Nigeria to develop and implement innovative project responses to address paediatric loss to follow-up. Each facility was provided a small grant as a springboard for action, with each of the facilities supported to monitor loss to follow-up, document lessons on innovative strategies and drivers to strengthen retention in the cascade of care. 

In 2015, again in collaboration with the M.A.C AIDS Fund, the next phase of the project moves beyond its first year’s exploratory incubation phase to identify and support a subset of most successful (‘champion’) Year 1 projects which have demonstrated promising retention strategies. Year 2 provides champion projects with increased capacity to demonstrate, document and disseminate their innovative solutions as best practices.


The champion projects are:

Adolescent Caregiver Buddy System, Scottish Livingstone Hospital, Botswana

Aim: To improve caregiver visit accompaniment, adolescent retention in care and adherence.

Model: Set up adolescent-caregiver dyad buddy system, where adolescent-caregiver pairs are grouped by community location and varying adolescent adherence levels in order to provide

each other with support.


Grab the Gap, TC Newman Clinic, South Africa

Aim: To improve adolescent adherence and retention as well as career opportunities for young people living with HIV (YPLHIV) through skills-building and training.

Model: Contract YPLHIV to provide peer support through support groups, home visits and a holiday programme. YPLHIV will receive counselling training and regular debriefing.


One-Stop Adolescent Clinic, Estates Clinic, Zambia

Aim: To improve adolescent access to comprehensive HIV and SRH services.

Model: Set up a one-stop adolescent shop to provide comprehensive/ holistic and adolescent-friendly services to this key population, with appointment system.


Go Boxes, Kidzpositive, South Africa

Aim: To improve retention of children and their caregivers through incentivisation and improved early childhood development (ECD) 

Model: Proving caregiver-child pairs with ECD toys and supporting their uptake and use  


Project aim: To promote effective models of retention in care for children