Advocacy Portfolio

Health system policies are generally developed by governments and health bodies. While this top-down approach has its merits, it may ignore the knowledge and expertise held by frontline healthcare providers operating in the field every day. As an NPO and a network of treatment teams with a large geographic spread, PATA is uniquely placed between health facilities on the ground and policymakers to collect crucial data and make an invaluable impact on health system policies. This data may be used to develop and inform paediatric HIV policy through:


Building constituency by engaging frontline healthcare providers through creating an open platform for them to raise health systems issues, evaluate existing policies and generate solutions which may be used for policy formation and development

Networking and coalition building to form alliances with global health organisations to create a gateway for frontline healthcare providers’ voices to be heard at policymaking level

Feeding technical information from health facilities to public officials and administrators so that data can be used for future policy development

Publication of clinic bottlenecks and best practices in scientific journals to generate awareness in the health sciences community

Using social media platforms to raise awareness and educate the public and policymakers about the concerns of frontline healthcare providers

Using demonstration projects to inform policy where an experience or an idea vacuum exists

PATA’s Advocacy Portfolio, launched in January 2013, strives to make health system policies more inclusive, collaborative and responsive to the needs of frontline healthcare providers and their patients and surrounding communities and utilises the collective experience of the PATA network membership to inform its advocacy response. Four policy briefs – focusing on transition to adult care, child-friendly spaces, integration of community health workers into the paediatric HIV treatment team and the post-2015 agenda are in development and scheduled for release this year.